Odisha 10th HSC Exam 2014 Pattern, Time Table & Gradation System

bseIn this 2014 education year, BSE is going to hold 10th or HSC Exam 2014 in Odisha in more than 2700 exam centres and more than 6,05,000 students will attend the exam. Totally 5,55,000 students will attend as regular students and 50,000 as ex-regular.

This exam is extended to more 2 days due to Maha-Shivratri. Now Regular & Madhyama candidates will attend the exam from 25th February 2014 to 10th March 2014. The Ex-Regular candidates will attend it from 26th February 2014 to 11th March 2014.

Odisha HSC 10th Examination Pattern 2014

In the new pattern, the exam will be for 600 marks totally. Each paper will be divided into 2 parts. To identify the 2 parts, 2 types of colours has been used in the question paper. To read each part 15 minutes will be given.

In the 1st part 50 nos of questions are added and each question carry 1 mark. In the 2nd part, the candidates have to answer 5 nos of long type questions and each carry 10 marks. The short type questions are multiple type means the students have to select correct answer from the 4 possible answers. The students will darken the circles with Blue/ Black ball point pen in the OMR answer sheet.

1 Hours will be given to answer part 1 questions. In Mathematics exam, more 15 minutes will be given. After completion of the time, the students have to submit the OMR sheets to the invigilator. After submitting the OMR answer sheets, the candidates are allowed to answer the 2nd part questions. 15 minutes will be provided to read the part 2 questions. To answer part 2 questions, 90 minutes will be given to the students. The students can take questions of the part 1 of the examination.

Odisha HSC 10th Examination 2014 Time Table / Schedule

Time Table for HSC 2014 RegularTime Table for HSC 2014 Ex-Regular

Odisha HSC 10th Examination 2014 Gradation System

We were seeing gradation system in CBSE system only but from this educational year, BSE has introduced gradation system in 10th HSC exam 2014. In the new system, gradation will be in the mark sheet along with total no secured.

  • More than 90%- A-1
  • 80%-90%- A-2
  • 70%-80%- B-1
  • 60%-70%- B-2
  • 50%-60%- C
  • 40%-50%- D
  • 33%- 40%- E
  • Below 33%- F

Candidates, who will get F grade can attend the supplementary exam or the next year exam.

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  1. When this news is published.is it published on tv. Is It new or old for 27 dec 2013 ?


    How can an EX-Regular student attain exam in new parten ? Please send me a sample paper for their exam.



    If a student get 70% total mark & secure 20 marks in english & 25 in math will he pass or fail ?

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